US Recruiting Session

Hello everyone,

Today we logged on for a recruiting session on the server White Out. At first it was a pretty small group, but after a little bit of saying lines on CP, more and more people started to come join our line. Some new people were on our chat as well. We maxed 22 and averaged around  19-20. This is a major improvement and I expect these to continue and progress in good time. Not bad today guys, we did well. But can we do even better? Heck yeah!

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November promotions 2015


Here they are everyone. The November 2015 promotions/demotions! With only 1 month left until the welcoming of a new year and also the end of another one. Let’s have a great December. Congratulations to all the people promoted! If you were demoted, then you can always get promoted back to your previous rank[s] with hard work and loyalty.

Never give up, because only then will you be a true “looser.”

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