From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank those who have stuck with the ACP throughout 2015. Your loyalty is what makes the ACP so fantastic. 2015 was a rough year for us but we still managed to make the year a memorable one.

I have many memories of ACP in 2015, of shenanigans and prosperous moments. However, it’s time to leave the year behind. A new year is ahead of us, opening a large sea of new opportunities. With all of our strength, dedication and loyalty we will hopefully make 2016 a year to remember for the ACP.

But above all, we’re going to continue to defend freedom and preserve justice for another year.

I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic new year.

We have a whole year ahead of us. Let’s make the most of it.


[UK] PRE-Defense of Breeze

Super Edwin: I’m not too fussed if UK gets defeated in a fair battle (which we didn’t) but the fact that you claimed “victory”  five minutes before the actual invasion was scheduled is a little bit annoying however  UK is still a rebuilding division so essentially you’ve helped me find weaknesses in my division and the way that it is run in battle that can be worked on. Thanks.

Today ACP logged on to battle LT but we didn’t get to because LT were spying on us and filled up rooms with “real” people in 2 seconds and everyone done tactics exactly the same time. Legit? Trying to make UK look weak was a bad idea. All you done is lock us out of rooms so we couldn’t make it in. I mean, seriously? Are you that scared, even with bots?

We might of only been able to get 10 – 16 in rooms but at least we can say we were legit. We maxed 16, because they rest were locked out. LT listen here, you claimed victory over Breeze before battle begun. You did win Breeze, but we’ll get it back, watch out! ACP: 2 LT: 2


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UK War Training on Breeze

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, UK logged onto Breeze for a war training session where we maxed thirteen which can be improved on. Our tactics were decent so overall a good effort today UK. Make sure to attend tomorrow’s Breeze Defence times are 8pm gmt/3pm EST. Carry on reading for pictures

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Boot the Good Boot

  I don’t usually accuse people of booting me offline, but it seems that today I will.

From 6:30 am EST (the time the Ice Box invasion was scheduled) until 7:20 am EST I lost connection to the internet. I managed to regain connection twice, but other owners were also losing their internet connection as well. Coincidentally, Waterkid was on and it just had to be during the event. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide 🙂 .



I finally regained connection briefly 10 minutes before the event would end, until I lost connection once more.



Today ACP logged on Light Troop’s server, Ice Box for a valid invasion. We maxed 17 and averaged 16. Ausia, keep up the good work! ACP now own Ice Box because Light Troops maxed ZERO. They failed to show muhahaha. That’s ACP 2 Light Troops 1. Who says sizes mean everything? Click Continue Reading for pictures.

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USA Recruiting Session

Salutations everyone,


Today, we logged on to White Out and had a quick recruiting session in preparation for war or future battles, hence the title. We started off a bit slow at first, then more and more people started to show up in green and/or dancing and doing some tactics. It was pretty fun for everyone, considering the abnormally increased amount of people saying lines on CP. I also saw a lot of penguins wearing watermelon costumes, so that was…well-you know. We maxed 20 and averaged 17-18. This is a bit of an improvement, but I know we can do even better. As time goes on, I expect things to improve as long as everyone continues to improve overall.


Read on for the pictures!

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Riddles for Xats #2

Good day ACP,

Today is December the 27th. A lot has happened over the past week since the last Riddles for Xats post was posted. Armies have been created and some forgotten. Some rose and some fell in the Top Ten, but we were the only ones to rise so exceptionally. From our lower yet admirable position of 7th, we have reached the Top 5, landing ourselves in the much higher and much more envied position of 4th. But as Sidie9 himself said, this is only the beginning.

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Placing in the top 5 is only the beginning.


ACP Musical Theme Contest

Good day to you all,

I have added another contest to my repertoire as of now. In addition to my Riddles for Xats contest (for the latest one click here), I have created a new, never before seen contest in which YOU decide what ACP’s musical tunes should sound like. Have you ever gone on YouTube in search of your favorite anime’s soundtrack? Have you ever seen a video or been in a conversation or situation in which you thought of a song that explains through music what you were feeling? If so, then this is the contest for YOU. Read on for the details.

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[UK] TRAINING EVENT 26/12/2015

Today ACP logged onto Breeze. We maxed and averaged 10. Me and Orange hyped ten minutes before event because we were busy and cri cri cri. It was pretty good because I hyped ten minutes before. (I WAS BUSY, OK! cri cri cri) Credit to: Tami, Orange, Splash, Orange, Rocky and Zoomey! *redface*

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