Awesome US Recruiting Operation

Hello everyone!

Today we logged on to the server Slushy for what we thought was going to be a quick little recruiting session and then log off not long after. Well, that was proved wrong. We ended up having an awesome operation which was a complete success. After a little bit of saying some lines to get people’s attention, we started gaining a lot of people. Many people changed their color to green and started wearing green clothing after seeing other people joining. We maxed 22 and averaged about 18-20.

I am very proud of all the effort you guys put in, and I expect this to continue more often. As a result of this major success, xats were given away! I have a new shipment of xats+days coming in a few days, so that’s something for you all to look forward to. Let’s do even better next time. Remember, the rewards stated many times before in tournament hype posts and practice battle posts are available in normal events if we do really well. That is up to you soldiers whether you will reach that point continuously.

Read on for the pictures!


Another alien abduction! Everyone on chat was dying when we saw this happen. 22 maxed here.



This is another picture a little after the start of the event.


This is a picture at around the start of the event.


17 penguins counted here.


The outcome of the event was impressive, especially since we’ve been having a pretty rough few weeks. However, all our divisions are in the stage of  immediate reconstruction. Again, great work today troops! Keep up the good work, and more rewards of bigger size will come your way.
And here are some videos for inspiration. If you do not like heavy metal, then you can ignore it if you want. The guitar is pretty nice though.



This one is Iron Maiden, not very heavy.




Whether you find inspiration from the videos or not, just know that you are all great soldiers, and we have gotten out of worse situations. As long as we stand together, nothing shall stand in our way, and nothing will take us down. [Yes one more video]

Pink Floyd is pretty interesting. 



Hope you enjoyed the videos! 

Signing off,



One Response

  1. Woot! Great job ACP! It’s apparent now that our Clover Power is returning to us! (Let’s show those other armies who think they’re maxing in the 50s what we’re made of)


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