Here we go!

It’s time. Time it rise. We have fallen into a pit which is hard, yet possible, to escape from. We must learn how to get out. They only way to do that is correct the mistakes we have made.

What does this mean?

We have been making many mistakes. Too many for that matter. We must learn from them and correct them!
Example: multilogging. We have been caught twice multilogging. Not all of us multilogged. Just two names, which I will not say. We allowed it though. The most we done was shout. Shouting will not do anything. What I’ve learned in this community is, it’s easy to be ignored. We should of taken action sooner. One quit and one was fired. Both should of been fired. Now we are left fixing our mistakes. We must correct this and NEVER do it again. Multilogging or allowing it. Including when SWAT are around because that creates controversy.

We have made many more mistakes which I do not need to point out because they are obvious. We need to go back to old times. When we were strong WITHOUT multilogging.

Let me show you examples:

Nachos had an "ACP WAS OWNED" bomb, so we decided to set them straight..

This is a pictures taking in April 2010. Look at this flawlessness! We maxed loads! (Don’t know the exact number)

Screen shot 2011-02-26 at 21.10.24
WOW! A picture from February 2011. Look at this! |There must be between 50 – 100 REAL people there.

ACP Joke Bombs As Nacho's Retreat Up Top In The Crows Nest

WOW! Another AMAZING PICTURE July 2011.

About 10 minutes after the battle, we still had our 2 chats.

July 2011. A SECOND POOL!

acpevent117 ed

December 2015…. THANKS TO ISSUES.

This has become a huge issue. We used to be strong. And it’s not because “Sidie is a bad leader”, he’s an amazing leader. It’s because of the issues he’s been left with. We as an army must help Sidie show he’s amazing as a leader and help fix this issues! That’s really it ACP!

acp picACP Zoomey
3rd in Command


3 Responses

  1. Yes! If we try hard enough we can restore to our former glory!

  2. Uhhh excuse me but how is saying our leader is amazing gonna make us rise?…


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