Happy Birthday Elsa!

Hello ACP!

Today is one of our amazing troops birthday!

Elsa has been really working hard to improve her self in the ACP, and has been helping other people to know more about Club penguin armies! not only that, she also happens to be a moderator in the army of club penguin! Keep up the good work Elsa!

Click read more to know how Elsa thinks about her birthday

Interview with Elsa

Me: How do you feel on your Birthday?

Elsa: I feel fab, its pretty cool to be 13 now.

Me: Did you enjoy 2015?

Elsa: Yes! i loved the summer, i had a great holiday and enjoyed spring season.

Me: Do you plan on making 2016 more awesomer than 2015?

Elsa: Yes i would love that, i hope it goes well.

Me: Thank you for the interview! have a very happy birthday

Elsa: No problem and thanks.

Have a very happy birthday Elsa!

~The ACP crew

4 Responses

  1. Happy birthday Elsa! I’m celebrating two birthday parties now – you and my mother! Congratulations on being 13 – make this year a good one! 😀

  2. Congratulations Elsa. Congrats on being 13

  3. Thanks everyone for being so sweet and Ryan thank you so much for what you said about me it really was nice of you and it was a great gift from you!! 😀

  4. 2016 ACP shuts down else so sad

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