UK Tactic Session

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Greetings, ACPToday, UK, maxed seventeen! I’d just like to mention that first because it’s been a pretty long time since UK has maxed seventeen on Breeze so fabulous effort today UK! Also, thank you for Zoomey for taking over when I was  occupied with throwing up (fun times).  We logged onto Breeze as mentioned before and had a tactic session in Town. Continue reading for pictures provided by I and Elsa.

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It’s your time to shine

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It’s true that ACP might not be the biggest army.

It’s true no army has had it as rough as us.

In recent events, the soldiers have stayed dedicated and loyal to ACP’s cause.

We might not be the biggest, but you bet your damn self that we will be here the longest.

Our legacy continues on.

Will you shine by continuing the greatest legacy in this community?