US Winter Training CelebrationI

Important Posts:

Mondo’s Edit: Battle/War trainings will commence this week. All soldiers are expected to make most events.

Hello everyone,

Today we logged on with a bunch of friends from allied armies for a unified training session and winter celebration. We had a fun time marching around club penguin doing tactics and formations. We had really good sizes throughout most of the event, but towards the end people had to go. We maxed 14 and averaged 13. I expected a lot more today, but our tactics have improved greatly, and I am proud to lead this division. Rewards are always available if we do really well at certain events. If Ausia can max 23, we can do it too. We hit 18 multiple times a few weeks ago, and we can top that many times over. In order to do that, we all have to do our part in terms of activeness and recruiting. Stand together.

Read on for the pictures from the celebration.

I didn’t say to do this, but it looks perfect!

And here is a picture of everyone on a sleigh after a march.

We must try harder, despite our current effort. Like I said, if Ausia can max 23, we can do it too. Many rewards await those who truly care and contribute, in addition to taking initiative.



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  1. And the three armies from the three parts of the world rose, as if the landscape ascended into the skies, and then they rode North. They rode to meet their destiny. They were composed of a gigantic moving mass, men and women from so many lands, the green and red and blue banners rippling in the wind, and by then it was apparent to the messenger who watched from the hill: the Army of Club Penguin was riding – to war.

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