AUSIA Invasion of Northern Lights Results

Important Posts:

Note to DW Leaders: We are willing to transfer this server back and cancel invasions in order for all war to cease. Find me on xat and we can sort out something if you’d like.

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Northern Lights to invade the Dark Warriors nation, and there was no opposition. We managed to steam roll them and maxed 27 with an average of 21-24 throughout the entire event. We circled the town and almost the entire snow forts and ice berg, which is quite impressive 😀 . We did extremely well, probably better than yesterday, and I’m highly impressed. This only proves that we’re on the rise and no one can stop us. Thank you to everyone who came, and make sure to comment if you want a chance of promotion!
ausia1 au sia ausia1 e4ausia1 users1

ausia1 e0  ausia1 e5 ausia1 e6 ausia1 e9 ausia1 ef  ausia1 em   _____________

Well improved ACP! We haven’t done this well in a long time, so you should all be proud of yourselves. Lets continue down this road together and make ACP and its AUSIA division the best it can be.

xaticon lelouch1

»๖ۣۜCoммaɴder Sιɗιє9«

ACP Leader

7 Responses

  1. woo ausia ausia ausia!

  2. I attended

  3. I came! Epic event Ausia! I think that if Oagal was here he’d be proud!


  4. Well done Ausia! I think that if Oagal was here he’d be proud!

    I had the happy circumstances which let me attend!
    (other comment written because I had problems with my WP account)


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