[AUSIA] Reclaiming Breeze [MANDATORY EVENT]

Greetings ACP.

The Light Troops have announced their declaration of war against the ACP, and we won’t be looking for a way out even though war with LT is always pretty pointless. The Light Troops have decided to pull an invasion of Breeze out of Waterkid’s backside on Christmas Eve. We actually have lives, so we’re not going to defend. We’ll be reinvading Breeze on the 26th at AUSIA times, and is the most important event of the week. Make sure to attend if you can.


Saturday, 26th of December

Server: Breeze

5:00 PM IST

7:30 PM AWST

9:30 PM AEST

8:30 PM JST

6:30 AM EST

11:30 AM GMT

They want war. We’ll give it to them.

xaticon idk1

»๖ۣۜCoммaɴder Sιɗιє9«

ACP Leader

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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