ACP Awards 2015 Part Two

Salutations, ACP

acp awards

Thanks to everyone who helped decide the nominees by voting in part one! This time, the people who have been voted, in part one, to be nominees will go into polls and then it’ll be up to you to vote for each category. Good Luck to all the nominees

You’re deadline is the 1st January 2016

Most Active Troop

Funniest Troop

Quote Of The Year

Cutest Couple

Best Recruiter

Best Retiree

Best Owner

Best Moderator

Best Event

Best Poster

*Best Event Pictures

Purpleslime’s Retirement Event

Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors

Champions Cup ACP vs Navy Troopers

Any Event Orange has attended

21st december uk 11

Super Edwin


11 Responses

  1. oh wow

  2. Blazer is way funny then the nominees

  3. Coldy and Panda are pretty funny..

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