AUSIA Liberates Breeze – ACP vs Bots

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Breeze as planned to take our capital back from the antagonistic Light Troops led by Waterkid. We maxed 23 with a steady size of 20-22 and 32 users on the chat. The Light Troops failed to show up, but we were kindly visited by a group of bots who we still managed to defeat. Tactics were above average and we once again proved that we are unstoppable. We did very well and I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Comment if you came :mrgreen: .










Screenshot_352 Screenshot_355


Screenshot_353  Screenshot_356

Comment if you came!

xaticon idk1

»๖ۣۜCoммaɴder Sιɗιє9«

ACP Leader

6 Responses

  1. woo ^^

  2. Nicely Done troops, lets keep up the size and quality of tactics!

  3. I attended. This was truly a great event, amazing job Ausia! Even though I had to stay up very late to be there, I was glad I did. Great tactics and nice sizes. Come on, ACP. We’ve got this.


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