[UK] TRAINING EVENT 26/12/2015

Today ACP logged onto Breeze. We maxed and averaged 10. Me and Orange hyped ten minutes before event because we were busy and cri cri cri. It was pretty good because I hyped ten minutes before. (I WAS BUSY, OK! cri cri cri) Credit to: Tami, Orange, Splash, Orange, Rocky and Zoomey! *redface*

Click Continue reading to see the pictures, comment if you came!


E+F Clovers


E+P Puffles


J Bomb


E+2 Smiley’s


E+9 Mad faces

That’s it ACP! Until next time…

acp pic

ACP Zoomey

3 Responses

  1. I attended! However, level up your game, UK. 10 is not the best you can do! However, tactics were really good, so good job on that. Come on, ACP. We’ve got this.


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