Riddles for Xats #2

Good day ACP,

Today is December the 27th. A lot has happened over the past week since the last Riddles for Xats post was posted. Armies have been created and some forgotten. Some rose and some fell in the Top Ten, but we were the only ones to rise so exceptionally. From our lower yet admirable position of 7th, we have reached the Top 5, landing ourselves in the much higher and much more envied position of 4th. But as Sidie9 himself said, this is only the beginning.

And now, without further ado, let’s begin this week’s contest of Riddles for Xats! This is the second installation in this (hopefully) successful series. Last time, no one was able to figure out the answer to the preview riddle. As such, here it is with the answer:

Last Times’ Riddle: “What is drawn but also hides, usually red and curteously abides?”

The Answer: Curtains. This is true because you can draw curtains and when drawn hide a room for view to outsiders from beyond the window where it is placed. The usually red and “curteously” abides (note how curteously is misspelled – CURTeously) is part of the connotation to curtains (one thinks of the red curtains in a stage, for example, or those of medieval times).

No one was able to answer it, and therefore no one was able to win the 25 xat prize. However, if such an event occurs in which a riddle was not solved, the next one’s prize accumulates, which makes this issue’s prize none other than 50 xats.

And without any further ado, here is this week’s riddle:

“What do you have that protects your treasure, but has no lock, no key, and which you can hold at your leisure?”

You have until January 3rd.

Good Luck.


4 Responses

  1. Your brain? idk

  2. A wallet.

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