USA Recruiting Session

Salutations everyone,


Today, we logged on to White Out and had a quick recruiting session in preparation for war or future battles, hence the title. We started off a bit slow at first, then more and more people started to show up in green and/or dancing and doing some tactics. It was pretty fun for everyone, considering the abnormally increased amount of people saying lines on CP. I also saw a lot of penguins wearing watermelon costumes, so that was…well-you know. We maxed 20 and averaged 17-18. This is a bit of an improvement, but I know we can do even better. As time goes on, I expect things to improve as long as everyone continues to improve overall.


Read on for the pictures!


20 counted in this picture.




We are on a steady rise, which we must maintain. We got this everyone. Let’s make our mark on the Army Community once again!


〈♣〉Nothing shall stand in our way〈♣〉

***Note: This marks my 50th post on the ACP site!***

~๖̶̶̶ۣۜᏦᏐᏁᎶ ๖̶̶̶ۣۜᎷᎾᏁᎠᏫ

2 Responses

  1. better than the UK maxing 10. I came to both even though I haven’t been ranked yet.

  2. now have though

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