[UK] PRE-Defense of Breeze

Super Edwin: I’m not too fussed if UK gets defeated in a fair battle (which we didn’t) but the fact that you claimed “victory”  five minutes before the actual invasion was scheduled is a little bit annoying however  UK is still a rebuilding division so essentially you’ve helped me find weaknesses in my division and the way that it is run in battle that can be worked on. Thanks.

Today ACP logged on to battle LT but we didn’t get to because LT were spying on us and filled up rooms with “real” people in 2 seconds and everyone done tactics exactly the same time. Legit? Trying to make UK look weak was a bad idea. All you done is lock us out of rooms so we couldn’t make it in. I mean, seriously? Are you that scared, even with bots?

We might of only been able to get 10 – 16 in rooms but at least we can say we were legit. We maxed 16, because they rest were locked out. LT listen here, you claimed victory over Breeze before battle begun. You did win Breeze, but we’ll get it back, watch out! ACP: 2 LT: 2


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