It’s promotion time! This time hosted by, ZOOMEY! I and the owners promoted anyone I feel stood out and done well! If you feel like you deserve a promotion but didn’t get one comment down below and explain why you deserve a promotion! Make sure to add you name and current rank and I’ll get back to you!

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AUSIA Liberates Breeze – ACP vs Bots

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Breeze as planned to take our capital back from the antagonistic Light Troops led by Waterkid. We maxed 23 with a steady size of 20-22 and 32 users on the chat. The Light Troops failed to show up, but we were kindly visited by a group of bots who we still managed to defeat. Tactics were above average and we once again proved that we are unstoppable. We did very well and I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Comment if you came :mrgreen: .


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Update Concerning Retirement

Some may know that my retirement post was published. I am not retiring, I had changed my mind a while ago. But for some reason wordpress still posted it on the original schedule even though I canceled it.

No, I am not retiring.

ACP Awards 2015 Part Two

Salutations, ACP

acp awards

Thanks to everyone who helped decide the nominees by voting in part one! This time, the people who have been voted, in part one, to be nominees will go into polls and then it’ll be up to you to vote for each category. Good Luck to all the nominees

You’re deadline is the 1st January 2016

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New ranks

Today is December 25th, the day which the active count will be applied. This means that if you haven’t commented on that post then you will lose your rank, so lets dive straight into it. (Owners aren’t counted)

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Merry Christmas ACP!

It’s that wonderful time of the year! That time of year where everyone gets closer then usual, that time when Santa Claws becomes really busy, and that time when everyone get’s to chill out with there family and have amazing food!

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Hello my fellow ACP-ers (Never used that term before and hopefully never will again)

As many of you (if not all of you) know, the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has been released and many of you (if not all of you, again) have already seen it. Just remember guys, if you HAVE seen the film, please do not spoil it for others on the xat chat (There will be bans). Also, I had a few… debates… regarding whether my science fiction fandom Star Trek was better than that of Star Wars. In this post, I shall review (as objectively as possible) which franchise would win in an all out fight. Read on for my argument!

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UK Unscheduled Training

Hello, ACP. Today, UK, had an unscheduled training session on Breeze where we managed to max fifteen in Town our average was around 10. Our tactics weren’t amazing which will have to be improved upon next time however above all it was a decent event. Carry on reading for pictures.

uk 23rd december 3

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[AUSIA] Reclaiming Breeze [MANDATORY EVENT]

Greetings ACP.

The Light Troops have announced their declaration of war against the ACP, and we won’t be looking for a way out even though war with LT is always pretty pointless. The Light Troops have decided to pull an invasion of Breeze out of Waterkid’s backside on Christmas Eve. We actually have lives, so we’re not going to defend. We’ll be reinvading Breeze on the 26th at AUSIA times, and is the most important event of the week. Make sure to attend if you can.


Saturday, 26th of December

Server: Breeze

5:00 PM IST

7:30 PM AWST

9:30 PM AEST

8:30 PM JST

6:30 AM EST

11:30 AM GMT

They want war. We’ll give it to them.

xaticon idk1

»๖ۣۜCoммaɴder Sιɗιє9«

ACP Leader

[AUSIA] Raid of Sub-Zero

Video footage of the raid recorded by Darx!

Hey ACP,

Today we logged on to raid one of Ice Warriors’ important servers for fun. We averaged 19-20 and maxed 24. We did very well, and proved yet again that ACP’S AUSIA division is the best in the community. This is a big change to what we were in the past few weeks, infact our chat size hasn’t dropped under 10 users for some time. Press the read more button for pictures of the event.

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