Wednesday, 6th of January

Server: TBA

5:00 PM IST

7:30 PM AWST

9:30 PM AEST

8:30 PM JST

6:30 AM EST

11:30 AM GMT

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[AUSIA] Reclaiming Breeze (again)

Quite a simple event. Logged on, logged off and maxed 13 which is severely disappointing. 7/9 of our AUSIA moderators decided they’d skip the event, only one had a valid reason. I was also the only AUSIA division owner who was online. I feel like I am the only one trying. This is unacceptable. I expect almost all if not every AUSIA moderator to attend the battles/events in the coming week or prepare to be fired. Despite being a terrible event, Breeze is home.


My Response to Almighty Lord Pain

I’m not about to waste countless minutes attempting to dissect such an idiotic post. Instead, I’m just going to create a brief reply to each part I find humorous.

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