My Response to Almighty Lord Pain

I’m not about to waste countless minutes attempting to dissect such an idiotic post. Instead, I’m just going to create a brief reply to each part I find humorous.

Recently the leadership made a decision to ally our, since summer arch-nemesis ACP.

I don’t see the problem with the RPF leadership making their own decisions. You’re just an advisor who takes credit for everything the leaders have done. Pathetic.

ACP has done permanent damage to the CP Army Community, and helping them is a direct insult to what we stand for.

Okay, cool.

So do you have any evidence supporting that?

Thought so.

The war in the summer was a symbolic war permanently cutting ties with ACP.

You don’t have to make things overly dramatic with “symbolism.” That war wasn’t symbolic and you have no responsibility for it.

Commando717 our creator hated ACP.

Which is why he allied with ACP in WWII just like the current RPF leaders, right?

I will not stand by and allow such foolishness, an alliance with ACP is strictly forbidden.

Am I the only one who thinks this advisor has too much power? I honestly don’t think an advisor is meant to cut ties with other armies. They are meant to support the leaders by giving them advice on how to run their army, not take matters like this into their own hands. But never mind, he is the almighty Lord Pain and assumes that he has control over everything.

We don’t ally the weak.

k lol.

Just look at how this incompetent fool dares to challenge the mighty Lord Pain, RPF, and even Elmikey by insulting his age when hes not even 23.

  1. I’m probably more competent than you considering I don’t have to call myself a god every five seconds to keep a good self esteem.
  2. I didn’t insult RPF, I insulted your arrogance.
  3. I wasn’t speaking about Elmikey, I was speaking about Boomer. You even said it yourself, you wish you had Boomer’s influence. Everyone knows that you’ll never be as good as Boomer ever was. All you can so is live in his shadow, as I said before. Nice job taking pictures of what I say and twisting them to make it seem I’m offending lord Elmikey.


Ignorant scum who can’t lead an army to any sort of intimidating size are not individuals whom the great RPF Leaders do dealings with.

You can’t talk to me about leading an army to “intimidating size” when you’re too lazy to even lead the RPF. RPF has achieved what it has because of the leadership’s work, not because of some advisor living in the past who constantly bickers about why ACP is evil.

This alliance was a simple mistake, one I’ve taken upon myself to correct.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t think it’s your job to alter alliances that the leadership had previously established.

How cute he even seems to think he can defeat us haha, point and laugh at him troops!

I think I stated I’ll “crush you” not “crush RPF” which are essentially two different entities, considering you do nothing for RPF but spit out anti-ACP bigotry.

Overall, fantastic post Lord Pain. I’m looking forward to reading your future works.

4 Responses

  1. Don’t mess with Sidie

  2. LOL

  3. You say that the advisor has too much power? And here I am, hearing that Shab, Boomer & Mch are still pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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