Riddles for Xats #3

The day is fine as the morning light,

And ends on the river of the endless night,

Who am I to wander ahead,

beyond the speed which I’m to tread?

I seek the end before the beginning,

to know what will come, to see what’s there

And will I see my dreams or my fears?

I can’t make up my mind, it’s all to sudden,

the change in the wind, a storm is ahead,

but right there, above me, as still as one dead

lies the arc of the rainbow.


Good day everyone!

I felt like writing a poem today so, well, I did. Also, that poem is a riddle as well, try to find out what it describes! Today is the third installment of Riddles For Xats! I apologize for the lateness of my entry. I have been preoccupied with (mainly) school work and projects. However, now that I finally found the time and made a new riddle, I present to you

Riddles For Xats #3

~ Hosted by Tamiyami ~

Let’s look back for a second at last week’s issue. We had our first winner to my challenge, Club! He successfully solved last week’s riddle and won 50 xats! For those who are still wondering, this was last week’s riddle and answer:

Last Time’s Riddle: “What do you have that protects your treasure, but has no lock, no key, and which you can hold at your leisure?”

The Answer: Wallet. This is true because a wallet protects your treasure (money), it is not secured by a lock or key or any form of seal, and which is small enough for you to put in your pocket and take it out at a moment’s notice for need of a form of payment.

As this riddle was successfully solved by Club, this issue’s prize is less than fifty yet higher than 25. The winner of this issue shall receive a total of 40 xats. Why is this so? Read on for the riddle:

When open only part of me can be seen,

Because always I am bound, covered by thick or thin;

Within me lies a secret

that only you can see

if you study me long enough,

my knowledge is yours to learn,

So now I ask you this question:

What am I to be?

As I’ve said, the first person to figure out THIS issue’s riddle will receive a total of 40 xats.

You have until January 12th.

Good Luck.


8 Responses

  1. A diary? or a book?

  2. History book


  4. A playboy.

  5. A BOOK

  6. A lock

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