Recruiting Operation #3 [US]

Hello we had another recruiting operation earlier today where we had a TON of rouges for a short burst! We made sure to take advantage of this and got a few pics [I lost 2 pictures so well wait for the others to come forward]


Anyways we suprisingly got around 35 + with all the randoms yelling and screaming, 

Note: this event did not last very long as many randoms got bored and moved on 


I’m really starting to enjoy these 5 bar servers 🙂

5 Bar servers are much more effecient and less demanding against recruits/rouges. While some of you slave away at Bot recruiting programs[your basically slaving away at killing CP 10x faster] a STEADY bot recruiting is MUCH better than just FILLING EVERY SERVER with 10 BOTS.

Anyways Nice job guys.

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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