Riddles for Xats #4

Good day to you all,

Ever since my last post, ACP has gone out of its way to prosper. We’re 5th on CPAC, but you all know that we have what it takes to be first! Show your green pride when our banner is raised in victory! But that will have to wait for Sunday.

Let’s look back for a moment to last week’s installment of none other than

Riddles For Xats #4

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

It seems that last week’s riddle did nothing to confound you! Many of you were on the right track, but the first commenter not only answered the riddle correctly, but he also wins for the second time in a row! Give it up for Club! He successfully solved last time’s riddle and won 40 xats! For those of you who are still wondering, this is last week’s riddle and answer:

Last Time’s Riddle:

When open only part of me can be seen,

Because always I am bound, covered by thick or thin;

Within me lies a secret

that only you can see

if you study me long enough,

my knowledge is yours to learn,

So now I ask you this question:

What am I to be?”

The Answer: Book. This is true because when you open a book, you only read two pages, rather than the entirety of that book. A book is also bound by a cover, either a hard or soft one. One must also read and analyze a book to find its true meaning, or at least the true meaning for the reader.

As this riddle was once again solved by Club, we shall move on to a riddle that may prove to be easier:

What’s a box that’s all together green,

and inside a world where people come and leave,

they speak their mind but if they defy the rules,

a giant machine takes them away from the pools;

and they are shunned until their hour is up.

But when it is done, and brown turns to green,

they may return to look up at the golden statues.

Now, before you rush to answer the riddle, here are some ground rules to be a potential winner:

  1. You may only comment ONCE with only one answer. Answers such as “a or b” will not be accepted, even if one of them is correct.
  2. The winner will be the FIRST COMMENT that follows the rule above and is correct.
As I’ve said, the first comment that answers THIS week’s issue correctly shall win a total of 50 xats.
You have until January 19th.
Good Luck.


4 Responses

  1. A clock

  2. A recycling bin.

  3. hah, I bet you are right Hydraxious

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