Riddles for Xats #5

Good day ACP,

A lot has happened in the past ten days. ACP has progressed, as have other armies, and we saw ourselves rise onto the 4th position of CPAC’s Top Ten list. Tomorrow, we shall rise once more (I’m betting on second place, who’s with me?). In this time when many armies are faltering, we must show the way to them as we are the oldest and most legendary army out there. We are the army to begin all armies, and our place, no matter how well or poorly we do, is as the main pillar that supports the house of Club Penguin Armies. So let’s do our best and make our mark, shall we?

And now to the fifth installment (is that an anniversary? Meh) of none other than

Riddles For Xats #5

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

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An Apology

Edit: My 100th post on this website just had to be this, didnt it?

Hey ACP.

I don’t really need to sugar coat anything. I haven’t been feeling well recently and I’ve neglected the AUSIA division and the ACP as a whole. Bam has been doing most of the work and everyone else (especially me) seem to be hanging around doing nothing legitimately productive. I’m not going to provide an excuse for why I’ve been such a lazy bigot, because there honestly isn’t anything to back me up. My plan was to literally just fade away and hope that the panel of guardians would finally take the initiative to finally kick me out, because I just didn’t care anymore. I eventually realized how idiotic I was being, like a normal person would.

So I’ve finally decided to say sorry to all ACP troops, especially those who are/were in the AUSIA division. You were what made my army experience unique and I can’t believe I’ve failed to live up to my responsibilities as an ACP leader in recent weeks.

What can you expect from me now? Well, you can expect an immediate reboot of the AUSIA division next week. I’ll make sure to be much more active from now on, and hopefully I won’t completely fall flat on my face like I did recently.

Once again, I’m sorry to the AUSIA division who has been drastically affected by my severe inactivity, the entire army and my fellow owners who have had to deal with my pointless rubbish as of late.

2016 can be our year. Let’s do our best to make it ours