Riddles for Xats #5

Good day ACP,

A lot has happened in the past ten days. ACP has progressed, as have other armies, and we saw ourselves rise onto the 4th position of CPAC’s Top Ten list. Tomorrow, we shall rise once more (I’m betting on second place, who’s with me?). In this time when many armies are faltering, we must show the way to them as we are the oldest and most legendary army out there. We are the army to begin all armies, and our place, no matter how well or poorly we do, is as the main pillar that supports the house of Club Penguin Armies. So let’s do our best and make our mark, shall we?

And now to the fifth installment (is that an anniversary? Meh) of none other than

Riddles For Xats #5

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

Last week’s riddle proved to be quite a challenge, but one did succeed in scoring the correct answer! Give it up for Hydra! They have successfully solved last week’s riddle and won a sum of 50 xats! Congratulations to Hydra on their success. To those who are still waiting for the answer and/or explanation, I’ve posted it for you below:

Last Time’s Riddle:

“What’s a box that’s all together green,

and inside a world where people come and leave,

they speak their mind but if they defy the rules,

a giant machine takes them away from the pools;

and they are shunned until their hour is up.

But when it is done, and brown turns to green,

they may return to look up at the golden statues.”

The Answer: The ACP Chatbox. This is true because “a box” refers to the Xat chatbox, “all together green” refers to the gfx and the color of our army, which is of course green! “They speak their mind but if they defy the rules, a giant machine takes them away from the pools” refers to the act of banning a user on chat as well as removing them from the main ACP pool to the Ban pool. “…[And] brown turns to green” refers to the fact that the user returns from the ban pool (the color of which is brown) to the ACP main pool (the color of which is green), and the “golden statues” refers to the Owners and Main Owners (In ACP Main Owners are named Chat Overlords), whose pawns are at the top of the list of users.

Whew! That was a long explanation. Hydra successfully solved this one and won 50 xats! Maybe in the next issue you will be announced as the winner of this issue’s riddle! And without further ado, here it is ladies and gentlemen, for your intellectual pleasure:

What is a box that has no lock but many keys,

each one either black or white.

The one who can use them is talented indeed,

for they know the combination to create the ripples in the air,

which holds people captivated by its vibration.

A reminder on the commenting rule

  1. You may only comment ONCE with only one answer. Answers such as “a or b” will not be accepted, even if one of them is correct.
  2. The winner will be the first comment that follows the rule above and is correct.

The winner to this issue’s riddle shall win 30 xats.

You have until January 30th.

Good Luck.


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