January Promotions


US-O10 insignia.svgGeneralUS-O10 insignia.svg

Sidie9 || Bam117

– Leader in Training –

 Super Edwin  | CapnRyan11 | King Mondo

US-O9 insignia.svg Lieutenant GeneralUS-O9 insignia.svg

CSY (On Leave) | West

US-O8 insignia.svgMajor GeneralUS-O8 insignia.svg

Zoomey | Fluffyboy3 | 

US-O7 insignia.svgBrigadier GeneralUS-O7 insignia.svg

Clubxlcboys, Darx,  Rix15, Rockstar1819, Elsa (On leave), Lionz,  Tamiyami, Noka8

US-O6 insignia.svgColonelUS-O6 insignia.svg

 Sonic, TheGamer6675Jaisick, Eliteme/Mpenguin123, L3W1S

US-O5 insignia.svgLieutenant Colonel US-O5 insignia.svg

 Snow/Finald, Coldyicy18, Blazer,

US-O4 insignia.svgMajorUS-O4 insignia.svg

Sparky DogAndy12e44, Roggy83, Goldfan

US-O3 insignia.svg Captain US-O3 insignia.svg

Trey, Sakr18Army Agent, Ravvy/Arine20, Bullet/Lolliepop117, Hulk Hogan23, Amias, Splash148

US-O2 insignia.svg Lieutenant US-O2 insignia.svg

Capn Kitty, Buggins WillRocky24568

Warrant Officer

Super Chanel, stonecold 42

Army-USA-OR-09c.svgSergeant Major Army-USA-OR-09c.svg


First Sergeant

Diezlbudoy, Finland Wins, Lafonpie, Powedude3

Master Sergeant


Army-USA-OR-07.svg Sergeant First Class Army-USA-OR-07.svg 


Army-USA-OR-06.svg Staff Sergeant Army-USA-OR-06.svg

Bcguy33, TheInfinitiv

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Sergeant Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Ryakylkri, Peeps80, Yes01, Starbits/Xiaobao123

Army-USA-OR-04a.svg Corporal Army-USA-OR-04a.svg

 Abbigail3000, Leddyeddy13, ACPSPC

Private First Class

Reno22, Chuck Falay


Moose Man,Yes01,renzcel2003  Kenneth1000, Sirchubs, Robert Hargrove, spycatdog, Luke1212, Chipsndip1 Owen60128, popastefanut, Garfield143, Xxsansxx

Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Army-USA-OR-02.svg

 arvm, Supper Shady, Kenz112, fruitjuice18, Pengoalas, Jamesy87, Ruby1354

Creator: Oagalthorp

Panel of Guardians: Boomer 20, Capncook, Flipmoo, Mchappy, Shaboomboom

ACP Sniper: Noka8

Therapist: King Mondo and Super Edwin


8 Responses

  1. why did noka get demoted and why did I get demoted

  2. Congrats to all who got promoted! We’re doing well ACP, and if you’re active and help out expect to have your name in bold in February’s promotions!

    ~Tamiyami 4IC WOOTT

  3. No promotion? Aww.

  4. Yeah corporal, thanks!

  5. I am supposed to be a Colonel

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