ACP Musical Theme Contest FINALS

Good day ACP,

It’s been 19 days (Yes, the actual value of 9+10) since the last ACP Musical Theme Contest post. I’ve added up the votes but there weren’t enough, however I have been able to discern a tie between two themes which YOU, ACP (and anyone else who wishes to participate), will choose which of these songs will be the winner. Don’t close the tab as this week’s installment begins, and it’s none other than

ACP Musical Theme Contest

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

Let’s review last time’s post and it’s public response: It accumulated ten total comments, but only four followed the rules as to how the competition works. These four votes are divided half in half between two songs, but only one of these will be declared the official theme of our capital server Breeze. And now, without further ado, here are the two final candidates:

2. Wavin’ Flag

~2 votes~

4. Star Wars Throne Room Theme

~2 votes~

This week, you’ll be given time to vote on either of these songs and ONLY these songs. In the comment section cast your votes. You may choose either “2. Wavin’ Flag” or “4. Star Wars Throne Room Theme.” You may only vote once and let’s try to get as many votes as possible!

Cast your votes, and in one week from now the ACP Musical Theme Contest WINNER will be declared! Vote for your favorite song out of the two remaining candidates!

You have until February 4th

Good Luck.


7 Responses

  1. 2. Wavin’ Flag

  2. Throne theme FTW.

  3. 2. Wavin’ Flag

  4. Throne Theme because this army isn’t US-Centric

  5. Throne Theme


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