Events for the week 29th February to 6th March

events for the week

Today’s Events

❗ Training Session + Games Night

When: 4th  March

Server: Breeze


8:30 PM GMT

3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 pm PST

♣     ♣      


When: 4th  March

Server: Breeze


8:30 PM EST

7:30 PM CST

6:30 PM MST

 5:30 PM PST

1:30 AM GMT

♣     ♣      


UK Unscheduled event on Breeze

Hey, ACP! UK, today, had an unscheduled event on Breeze where we maxed sixteen however this was an enjoyable event and we did some great tactics, hopefully this will continue during the week. Continue reading for pictures provided by Fluff, I and Snow. 

Average: 16

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USA Training Session [Results]



Today we logged on to Breeze for a nice training session. We maxed 21 and averaged about 20. Our size continued to grew throughout the event whilst some pretty sweet tactics were done. Some people had lag or other minor issues for a bit, but persevered. From previous events, it seemed like there was a lack of unified tactics at times. Today I think we made a lot of progress on that. Great work today guys!

Read more for the pictures.

¦♣    ♣    ♣¦

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UK Tactic Session on Breeze

Greetings, ACP.  Today, the UK division logged onto Breeze where we maxed seventeen once more excellent effort from everyone who has came to this event and overall this week as we’ve seen an increase in the quality of the UK events ; be proud of yourself guys! 😀

27th february maxed 17

Maxed 17

Carry on reading for pictures provided by Snow and I.

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[AUS] Unscheduled Recruiting Event / Raided?


Our AUS logged on for a recruiting event, maxing 23 and averaging 21 throughout. We were also seemingly raided by a small rag-tag group of white penguins who threatened bot usage in a few of our Owners PC, this will not be tolerated – We are ACP fearless ad strong


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Battle? [US]

After being spammed continuously today we were raided by a small army known only as “TURKEY” they refereed to themselves as the “KKK” countless times in my pc – but that was about it . Anyways – we got around 20 + the entire time and had perfect tactics nice job! and whoever that small army is I hope they know not to mess with ACP again :mrgreen:

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Plan of Action [owner testing]

As you can see the week is almost over and owner testing will be beginning NEXT week! so be prepared this week to show us your stuff, We hope every high ranking mod will have their chance to shine and show us what they are made of.

So keep it up and stay active – The time is now – YOUR TIME IS NOW

~ Bam117

Damn Bam…


Assistance [US]

We logged in to help our newly reformed brother ally in a quick event earlier today! Nice job everyone – we got around 35+


Nice job and thanks to all those loyal troops who followed through and helped!

UK Training Session on Breeze


Greetings, ACP.  Today, the UK division, logged onto Breeze for a training session where we maxed fifteen which is progress from last week and I’m sure with continued hard work we shall be able to achieve more results like yesterday and even better. Carry on reading for pictures provided by Lionz and I. 

25th february uk 5

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