Dear ACP…

It’s me, Zoomey. Remember me? The guy who used to be loyal but then left for WV and is getting the sense of hatred. Yeah, that guy.
I am not in ACP anymore, this time for real. I wish I could explain why, but all my reasons will be considered dumb, I guess. I want to say thanks to everyone in ACP. You all showed me what I good time was but now it’s time for me departure. I am sad, I really am but I can’t say the same for yous.
I honestly feel hated for my choices, and I can see why but if there is one thing you should know in life it’s, choices are harder than you think. I love ACP, don’t think any different. I wish this wasn’t a one sided love however. I can tell people hate me, and in life you will find that a lot. I just didn’t think it would be (a few) people in ACP. I guess I thought it would be others.
I guess I have no choice but to move on. This post will probably be deleted so I’m not going to spend too long on this:

The greatness that is ACP.
It stands tall in glory.
Loved but all apart from the people who don’t know better.
Loved by me.
I watched ACP through the darkest ages it’s had,
I’ve watched it rise then fall then rise back to 1st.
Interested with the history behind it.
You may call me “autistic” for loving something that means nothing.
And what I’d say is “Autism isn’t funny” followed by “I’m not autistic but thanks!”
No one can help but to search up about a historic club penguin army.
It’s seen the dumb bits of me.
It’s seen the (rare) smart bits of me.
I’ve found people I hate there.
I’ve found people I love!
One thing is better then anything in this world,
The greatness that is ACP.

It might of only been 8 months of my life, but it was 8 months well spent
See ya around ACP!





9 Responses

  1. gg skrub

  2. I don’t hate you Zoomey! You’re awesome!

  3. Farewell on your journey Zoomey. I’m sorry you felt this way that ACP didn’t love you back, but know that you will be missed. ACP will never be the same without you. Wherever you go now, I wish you luck.

    Just make sure to stay in touch with us every once in a while. You’re a pleasant person and for my part, I liked it when you were around on chat.

    Bon voyage, mon ami!


  4. Nobody hates you! Don’t leave us Zoomey!

  5. Good luck, thanks for being in the ACP!

  6. crap sorry for the late response i just found this post…
    sheesh, Zoomey! I really hate to see you leave, however you do whatever is best for you! You’ve served this army incredibly well and you will be remembered- have a good time in the future!

  7. WOW WOW WOW WHAT!? I DIDN’T SEE THIS POST!!! Zoomey noooo!! You can’t leave!!!! Please buddy you are one of the best owners I’ve known in ACP!!!! and one of the most active!!!!. I am so sorry I can’t be there to be able to see how things are in ACP because of these problems I’m having by getting on ACP chat. You shall be missed Zoomey! and I shall not forget you! Please still go on ACP chat and good luck in everything!!! 😦 … Love you buddy!! ❤

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