Training on Breeze [US]

Quick training session on Breeze! We averaged sizes of 20+ and had PERFECT tactics! Nice job guys! 

[stupid cp blocking out tactics cause im so popular]

= Tami’s pics =


~ Bam117

One last time

First of all…

I’ve decided to move on from club penguin armies but first, it’s time to make AUSIA what it was back in Sidie’s leadership. Some temps example, Panda/Kami and Clubxlcboys will be made Temporary owner till this project is completed. Army agent is granted Permanent moderator to help the divison for it’s needs. I’d like Bam to approve all of these promos and get ready for the new developed AUSIA.

Let’s do this.

My Odyssey Concludes | Sidie9’s Final Words


My 5 year adventure now comes to an end. I’ve held this army together since the day I was appointed as ACP leader, until the day that I could leave you all in good hands – today. I ensured that freedom was defended and justice was preserved in our darkest hours, something I will be proud of for years to come. I went from being a pioneer of the AUSIA community and an army hopper to being an ACP leader who held the army together for 6 unforgettable months. My legacy will be remembered in this post – the inevitable and permanent resignation of Sidie9 from Club Penguin armies. Continue reading