My Odyssey Concludes | Sidie9’s Final Words


My 5 year adventure now comes to an end. I’ve held this army together since the day I was appointed as ACP leader, until the day that I could leave you all in good hands – today. I ensured that freedom was defended and justice was preserved in our darkest hours, something I will be proud of for years to come. I went from being a pioneer of the AUSIA community and an army hopper to being an ACP leader who held the army together for 6 unforgettable months. My legacy will be remembered in this post – the inevitable and permanent resignation of Sidie9 from Club Penguin armies.

The experiences I have had in this community were incredible, and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. I was never a great leader, but I did the best I could to preserve ACP’s morality in times of darkness. I was recruited to the Ice Warriors in 2011 by Iceyfeet1234. It was on October the 13th 2011 that I made the first AUSIA army alongside my friends from real life, by the name of “Army of Darkness.” It seems like a rather idiotic name, but I was new to the community at the time and the name seemed normal to me. Ever since then I’ve been have one of the most magnificent experiences possible.

At first it was all about becoming a legend for me and destroying my greatest enemy, the ACP. I was largely known as an army hopper for a long time. I was unable to stick to one army and continued to switch armies regularly for multiple years. That changed for me after I joined the ACP during Flipmoo’s leadership in late 2013/early 2014. I felt like I was at home, and I made more friends than I could have possibly imagined. Flipmoo guided me and to this day he has served as a sort of mentor whenever I required assistance. I don’t think there’s any way I could thank him enough. Alas, this came to an end after Mrtchy (who went on to become a fantastic ACP AUSIA leader) was made third in command over me, and my loyalty to the ACP slowly decayed. I was eventually banished from the ACP until later in 2014, due to me failing a sort of trust test, involving Flipmoo giving me “confidential” information. Being the person I was back then, I leaked this “confidential” information to numerous others. I had an argument with Flipmoo and was convicted of treason, causing me to leave the army behind.

screen-shot-2014-01-19-at-8-29-35-pm (1)


A bit vulgar, huh.

I rejoined the Ice Warriors and helped their AUSIA division get back into shape, bringing the division from sizes of 3 to 10/15+. This division became vital in the 2014 war between RPF and IW, a war IW managed to win. This was largely due to the IW AUSIA division overpowering Silverburg’s RPF AUSIA division. With all my strength, the Ice Warrior AUSIA division was no longer a group of 3 people. My IW adventures abruptly came to an end after I was fired by Tes7 for being inactive during US/UK times.


I went to RPF, but I eventually ran away from the RPF as well. I was left alone in the dark once more. However, I was soon picked up by an army known as the Golden Troops, led by former ACP leaders Sercan and Jerry. I was hired as a leader of GT, and the commander of their AUSIA division. I convinced Vivek to merge his “Smart Penguins” army into GT, and he became a leader alongside me. Together we managed to lead an AUSIA division that rivaled ACP, and we easily decimated the Ice Warriors when they attempted to stop us. Everything fell apart for me when leaders brought up the topic of declaring war on the ACP.


I was one of the Golden Troop leaders who strongly supported this idea, and it was our goal to decimate Flipmoo and take his title – “God of AUSIA” – a title I once thought was stolen from me when he returned to the community in 2013. I wanted revenge, and I wanted to take back what was “rightfully mine.” This ended up being nothing but a cold war, and Flipmoo retired in late July. I was invited to his final event and, even though I had strong feelings against him, I decided to attend and pay my respects to his legacy. I was unbanished from the ACP and 5 days later I was overthrown from the Golden Troops. I had, once more, become a lost soul wandering the community.

I ended up becoming an army hopper again, and went as far as defacing the Shadow Troops website. I was untrustworthy scum. This was the lowest low of my entire career, and I had no sense of morality at all.

It was on November the 20th that I had finally thought of rejoining the ACP, and I did. Under Mrtchy’s thriving leadership, I was accepted into the ACP as a second highest member. I met people such as Star and Ryan, and for the first time since earlier that year I finally felt at home. Star became the AUSIA leader after Mrtchy retired, and I took over from her after she retired in April. My goals had changed. I no longer aimed to be an army legend. Instead, I aimed to keep the ACP and it’s AUSIA division afloat, and enforce ACP’s original purpose; to defend freedom and preserve justice.

acpevent45 ew

After two weeks as temporary leader fighting off RPF in Bam117’s absence, I became the leader of the ACP on August the 8th in 2015 alongside Albaro Lord. This duo leadership didn’t last long, due to Albaro leaving the army one week later. I had the pleasure of leading with Kenneth1000 for almost a month, a person I used to hate back in 2011/2012. In the name of defending freedom and preserving justice, I worked to remove Trader from the army in November due to his scandalous multilogging alongside second in command Max.

This led to a slight drop in size but was soon followed by prosperity in December, the final chapter of my army career. The AUSIA division under my leadership thrived with sizes of 20-27, and other divisions were also on the rise. Our position in the top ten armies skyrocketed, and there was new hype surrounding a new era of the ACP. That is something I will never forget, and I would like to thank those who contributed to the rise. We showed that there was still hope for this army and we were willing to do anything to survive. Long live the AUSIA division. You all mean so much to me.

ausia1 em





That December we made history. We showed that ACP CAN be what it once was without the endless cheating that was unavoidable in our community. When other leaders opened up new tabs we RECRUITED and poured our hearts and souls into this great army. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ACP soldiers.


Today, I officially retire from my position as commander of the Army of Club Penguin. I leave behind my legacy; a story of betrayal, treachery, loyalty, freedom and justice.

CSY is hereby the 6th commandant of the ACP AUSIA division. He has expressed his leadership abilities in my absence and I believe that he is the most suitable candidate to succeed my position as AUSIA leader. Congratulations.

Like most people, there are people who have impacted my time in this community to a large extent. I would feel a great amount of regret if I didn’t name them, so I will.

Flipmoo/Slimball2007: I honestly don’t know what to say here. I have had mixed feelings regarding you for large portions of my career because I thought I was superior to you. I believed you had stolen a title that was never mine and I was willing to do anything to take it back. I was extremely wrong, and I know that now. Your leadership was not only greater than anything I was capable of, but you gave me a place that I could call a home in the community; the ACP AUSIA division. You supported me in everything I’ve done and I would not be here without you. I’m sure the future leaders of the AUSIA division will look up to you just as I did. Thank you, friend.

Ken/Splasher: You are definitely someone I could never forget. I first met you during my time with SMAC and then I worked with you again in the ACP, and I’m glad I did. You managed to hold the AUSIA division up during Flipmoo’s absence and that’s something I admire. Your personality is amazing and I don’t think I’ve met a better person from Thailand than you. Good luck in life :P.

Mrtchy: I probably hated you at first because you became Flipmoo’s successor instead of me, but that doesn’t matter anymore. You managed to lead an AUSIA division that was around the same size as Flipmoo’s and led events that I could only do in my dreams. I’ve realize why Flipmoo chose you over me, and I think he made the right choice. You’re a cool guy to be with and I hope I can play more Counterstrike with you (even though I suck :mrgreen: ). It’s also pretty interesting that we share the same name and live in the same city, haha. I’ll see you later.

Star/Myma001: I really don’t know how I’m meant to describe my time with you in one paragraph. I have never met a person I could relate to more than you. We share a lot on common and you are truly one of if not the best friend I’ve had online. I’ve had a lot of good times with you and some bad ones, but the good outweighs the bad by miles. You’re one of the most fun people I’ve ever met, and talking to you on kik regularly has always been a pleasure for me. I’m sure we’ll continue talking and my retirement won’t affect it at all. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me up until now.

Now for some fond memories:





acpevent46 win2

acpevent46 win

acpevent51 success

acpeventfail win2

acpeventfail win

acpevent40 annex2

acpevent40 annex

acpevent31 surrender


 acpbirthday9 1

 acpevent48 win
























i feel loved






I’ve succeeded in completing a miraculous transformation – from a notorious army hopper into an ACP leader who, while lacking in army size, maintained the ACP’s morality and prevented multilogging from taking control of the army. I held the army together, I did my best in the community’s darkest hours and I stood tall alongside others in the name of defending freedom and preserving justice. I am the fairest leader of 2015.

My story closes and a new one begins. A story of an ACP without me that prospers and challenges itself to be the strongest once more. Don’t let me down, because I know you can do it.

I don’t really know what to say anymore. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart to the ACP and its AUSIA division for giving me a place to be in this community, and thank you to all the friends who I have made along the way. Will I continue to visit on xat? Of course I’ll stop by, but this is my final goodbye to all of you. I will not return to any army, as I have no reason to. I rejoined the ACP in November 2014 with a set of goals, and I have completed them all. If I am ever needed again (even though I doubt the time will ever occur) you can always contact me on kik if you know my new username.

I now conclude this post, and I know that after it is published I will have no affiliation with the ACP leadership. It depresses me to leave and I will miss all of you, but I’m sure I’ll see you all again soon.

Don’t let me down Bam, you can do it.

For a final time,



Retired ACP Leader and 5th AUSIA Commander


I have defended freedom and preserved justice.

PS @bam: Thank you for that draft you made about my resignation, it means a lot to me.

Also, thank you to Flipmoo. I probably wouldn’t have posted this if it weren’t for him.

48 Responses

  1. Sidie,
    You have shown the community the power of change. How a single individual can, through dedication and determination, ultimately find success within the community.

    Amidst the legacies of multilogging around you, you’ve embodied what it means to be justified. You’ve shown me that the most important thing isn’t what others think of you – it’s what you think of yourself.

    A leader has never been someone who can call the most (or in 2016, multilog and null the most). It’s someone who can motivate troops and get people to want to help you. You’ve maintained the name and honor of the Army of Club Penguin and it’s because of you that we remain one of the most legitimate armies in the community.

    You’re an inspiration. Good luck with what you decide to pursue in the future.


    • Thank you CSY. Your words mean a lot to me and I wish you the best in your leadership of the ACP AUSIA division. I’m sure you’ll do well, so never give up.

  2. Have a good rest of your life – I hope you visit once in awhile. You know how much I hate multilogging, and you we both know you played it fair throughout the entire year. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for upholding what it truly means to be a leader of the Army of Clubpenguin, not many people can compare themselves to the attitude, fairness and the traditions you held while at the same time being as successful with it as you did. I’m glad to see you got around to finishing up your very own retirement, I’m sorry for all the stress that as thrown on you whilst you had you’re tour in ACP. [I wish it had gone a lot smoother than what it did]
    But take care my friend you were truly a Traditional King in a game of low morals and foolish lies.

  4. Sidie Before i retired. If it was not for you i would not have been Moderator at all.
    You have given me too much chances when i was an idiot. But i thank you for everything else.
    ACP wouldn’t have been that far without you

  5. See ya man, are you going to another army and who is gonna replace you as AUSIA leader?

  6. Sid, you and Flipmoo-Sama recruited me into the ACP ,and I thank you for that. I always had this notion that troops of the ACP were all crude and unfriendly.However, you proved me wrong the moment I desultorily stumbled upon the ACP chat that fine day.

    You will always be my inspiration and the benchmark onto which I set my goals up to in the CPA community.You are truly the best.

  7. There’s so much AUSIA in this post 😥

  8. Bye Old Friend,
    Thanks for bringing me into this community! You’ll be missed.

  9. To Sidie,

    Even though I wasn’t in your division, you still were an inspiration for me as I (hopefully) became a better moderator and set a finer example for newer troops. I don’t know if you consider me a friend, but I have had the honor to consider you one of mine. Perhaps I should have known what stress you were under, and maybe I would’ve realized that sometimes I was just being a smart ass (sadly that happened multiple times) to others. I hope you don’t take any offense or hated on me for any of that. To be honest, you were such an inspiration that I tried to follow your ideals when I briefly led the Time Lords. If you ever come onto xat again, well, know you’d be most welcome. I hope I speak for this entire army when I say that you’ve been an inspiration and that we have had the honor to serve as your subordinates. (And thanks to you, I’ve picked up on anime. Is Code Geass good? I might start watching that :))


    • Yup, Code Geass is amazing :mrgreen: make sure to watch it if you have time!

      The order of the different Code Geass seasons may confuse some people *cough* Rockstar *cough*, so watch it in this order:

      Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion
      Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
      Then there’s the “Akito the Exiled” spinoff episodes, but you don’t really need to watch them.

  10. You did what no one ever though would have to be done, you kept ACP alive. All Hail Lord Sidie! May he never be forgotten!

  11. Sidie I miss you! Rejoin acp!

  12. CPGT forever, LOL. See ya, Sidie. Sorry you couldn’t reach your true potential here, but you couldn’t have been more then a fantastic leader.

  13. It was great working with you Sidie. Although we are in armies whose rivalry is of legend, we were able to unite against fake armies that cheat their way to the top. Perhaps the ACP and Nachos have a rivalry is because we are worthy opponents to each other, as we have always been two of the largest & legitimate armies out there. You were fun to talk to and definitely deserve ACP legend. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    -Fluffy 9404 (NOT FLUFFYBOY3 -WARY-)

    • Thanks Fluffy, those words mean a lot to me. Never will I forget the time ACP and Nachos joined forces to tackle a greater evil. I’ll see you again in the future.

  14. #Sidie9forACPLegend

  15. Im kind of offended that my comment didn’t get put through

  16. That moment when sid replies to every comment expect for yours e-e


  17. Congratulations for leading ACP for so long and upholding strong morals. I’m glad you decided to ‘settle down’ in ACP and commit. Best of luck to your future endeavors in life.

  18. Goodbye Sidie & good luck! Feel pride in your legacy; you did very well for a leader put in difficult circumstances.

  19. Goodbye, Sidie! It is always a sad time to see a great soldier go, but you did incredible.


  20. Goodbye Sidie! By far, no joke, my favorite leader I had in my time in ACP. You are going to be missed so much, you led ACP to SMAP but also led it to 4th on CPAC the next week. You will go down as a great leader and as my favorite leader. You took care of troops and made it so Ausia is strong! See ya around Sidie! Sad to see you go. ‘^-^

  21. Goodbye Sidie. You were a very fair leader, and thanks fro preventing multilogging. I hope you do well in whatever you do in life, and good luck! Thank you for leading the ACP and defending its fine values!

  22. The relationship between you and I was particularly interesting during our early ages.
    During the time the ACP AUSIA Division was starting to receive recognition, I heard that you had created an AUSIA-based army long before I had. Ever since, I felt an unnecessary grudge-like duress that made me want to triumph over your legacy of being the founder of the first AUSIA-based army. It would have been fine if it remained as an emotion of rivalry, but in an attempt to accomplish this I eventually came up with the miserable and puerile idea of materializing the so-called “God of Ausia” title, and proclaiming it as mine. Looking back, I realize how foolish this was. I would like to apologize, but I ask that you do not take it the wrong way. This apology is directed to you and others in the AUSIA community who were victimized by being robbed of their accomplishments and efforts as a result of the creation of such a delusional and misleading title. I am proud of what I have achieved and accomplished during my time in the ACP, but I obviously no longer feel worthy of being addressed by such a title. There is no superiority or inferiority in the process of creation and growth in the AUSIA community, or that is at least how I see it now. However, I would like to point out that it was your existence that developed a sense of rivalry within me, to of which eventually pushed me to work harder.

    That ITSA scheme sure was something. Although I feel like a jerk for doing it, I’m glad it happened as I felt it was a necessary step.
    Although I had retired by the time you rejoined as 2nd highest member, I felt something different about you. I’m sure that there was a lot that you sacrificed when you decided to stick with the ACP, but may I just say that I am extremely thankful that you decided to do so. I am also glad that you were able to end your army career here with a dignified finale, like you first said you would do when you rejoined. Your career shows that people can change, and grants hope to people that are struggling to do so.

    You led the ACP in one of the most darkest times ever recorded in CP army history. Multilogging plagues were everywhere, and although you could have gone with the flow, you valorously fought to stick with the traditional doctrine of freedom and justice. Not only that, but you managed to bring the ACP back up when they fell out of the top 10 for the first time in its existence. This is not a failure. This was a memorable moment of success. You did not run, you did not hide. You were not spineless. You made no excuses although you may have been discouraged at times. Though even amongst this immense pressure, you stuck with your integrity and did not give into multilogging. The ACP were eventually able to recover under your leadership, and for that I’d like to say that I have a whole lot of respect towards you.

    And so that is why I am presenting a final, mighty-fine salute towards one of our best.
    Farewell, Sidie. Take care.

    Retired ACP Leader
    – Flipmoo

  23. In times of despair and success, you were always positive and at the heart of continuing the amazing control of the ACP AUSIA Division. Also, the way you handled the multilogging controversies was fantastic and you should be proud of what you achieved.

    I wish you well in the future.

    Former ACP Leader

  24. Sid, I remember our time in RPF together as little noobs under the leadership of Ziehen, and me joining your noob army the “Yellow Thunder.” After that, we somewhat lost touch. You proved to be a great ally in that mini world war we had. Thanks, Sid.

  25. Can I have a nacho?

  26. Goddarnit, Sidie! So sad to see you go…. Good luck in the future though ! Thanks for staying strong with us for the past months and carrying on with all that drama that’s happened and keepin’ the AUSIA force healthy

  27. Was a good run mate! You proved your self ❤ Good day

  28. tl;dr

  29. I’m quite late commenting on this, although I do apologise for that, Sidie. These last couple years with you in acp have been great. Thank you for staying longer than you were staying for. I remember last year you were about ready to retire and your retirement post glitched and posted itself.Even though we had a few rough times with each other over our time in acp, we still are friends in the end.

    Thanks Sidie,

  30. Omg Sidie don’t go mate!. ;( You shall be missed and I know we haven’t always gotten along but you have always been a friend of mine and I’m sorry for all those times I’ve annoyed you with all that stuff of me being angry about me feeling people weren’t treating me right… And wow was that funny when your retirement post glitched and posted by itself! I remember I couldn’t stop laughing my head off about that lol. Thank you for getting the AUSIA back on its feet and thanks for helping me at times I felt unwanted in this army and I hope I am and always will be your friend!. Ok be right back gonna go in a dark corner and wail like a baby ;( …. Goodbye and good luck in your future! ❤ !!!!!

  31. You were a leader in a difficult situation, if I was younger I would have gladly stayed and helped you lead the army, but you did amazingly well for yourself and kept ACP from falling over the edge. Enjoy retirement Sidie.

  32. Although u MIGHT not remember me,I remember u,and I know that I’ve been an AWESOME leader. U have left inspiration for the further leaders of ACP!

  33. sugoi noob, you didn’t tell me you were retiring. You’ve been an amazing leader, a lovely 3ic, a moderator, a member of course and the best friend. You know how much you’ve helped me and it means a lot to me, thank you sugoi noob. I remember the dango days and the AUSIA events, they were fun xD our little arguments idk whether they were arguments but whatever they were, they were pretty uh interesting I guess. Also I remember how I kept trolling you (hahaha) and ah the ayy lmao army. Keep in contact ok. Sugoi noob and kawaii noob!!

  34. top lad 10/10

  35. Sorry for the late comment.

    Honestly, I can’t find the words to say about your retirement but ever since my retirement you said the inspirational to me… And it’s my turn now to give the return. Right now, the only thing I can say for now that how I’m proud of you, my friend. You were there when I’m when screwed up (sorry for being an idiot I just ca’t help it). You were there when AUSIA wasn’t that strong, but when your present; the enigma comes back. Sorrry I wasn’t present during your retirement I hope you can forgive me, it’s just I’m because summer is coming.

    There you have it, my message. Good luck with your life and live the fullest.


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