Declaration of War on Redemption Force

Greetings Redemption Force!

Today, the Underground Mafias Alliance, you’ve read this correctly, has come to agreement in the declaration of war against you, as well as the invasion of Thermal, your only server. For the longest time, you have been rude, cocky, and ignorant; and for some reason, we’ve all let you get away with it. That is it: enough is enough, and we’re tired of someone so small trying to act big. The following armies will be declaring war on you:

  • Chaos
  • Army Republic
  • Elites
  • Army of CP

Together, we max unprecedented sizes, and alone, we stand strong as well. That is why we have deemed it necessary that together, as the UMA, we will be invading your capital and only server, Thermal. We understand that right now you are devastated, you are probably urinating in your trousers, but unfortunately, this is karma for your ignorant actions.

Invasion of Thermal

Friday, February 19th, 2016

8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST


Chaos, AR, Elites, ACP


One Response

  1. GO ACP!! Good post Bam! Lets beat those redemption force soldiers to the ground!

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