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I’ve tried to reason with this kid for the longest time. I can’t even get to the conclusion to what must have happened to him for him to act like such a douchebag. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said that he was thrown down the stairs by his parents multiple times. He acts like his parents drop him on his head for fun.


I don’t see why this retard, and thats putting it lightly, is even allowed in this community. He admits to having a botnet and raids other armies for fun.

In 2014 Toysoldier was exposed for ddosing found in this post


In a CPAC Interview, Toysoldier brought up the fact that he has a botnet of over 20 leaders. (Post HERE)

Trader: “How did you get access to the Night Rebels chat room?”

Toysoldier: “I have over 20 army leaders on my botnet.”

People thought…

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  1. lol toy soldier can’t get the succ

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