February 2016 Promotions

US-O10 insignia.svgGeneralUS-O10 insignia.svg


– Leader in Training –

 Super Edwin King Mondo | CapnRyan

US-O9 insignia.svg Lieutenant GeneralUS-O9 insignia.svg

CSY | 

US-O8 insignia.svgMajor GeneralUS-O8 insignia.svg

West, Fluffyboy3 | Noka8 | Lionz Lover (Temp)

US-O7 insignia.svgBrigadier GeneralUS-O7 insignia.svg

Sonic,  Tamiyami,   Dwain, Clubxlcboys Darx  Rockstar1819, Elsa ,

US-O6 insignia.svgColonelUS-O6 insignia.svg

 Matthew4901, Snow/Finald,  Panda[Eliteme], Jaisick (On leave),

US-O5 insignia.svgLieutenant Colonel US-O5 insignia.svg

 BlazerArmy Agent

US-O4 insignia.svgMajorUS-O4 insignia.svg

Kitty, Sparky Dog, Andy12e44, Roggy83, Splash148

US-O3 insignia.svg Captain US-O3 insignia.svg

The Ronan, Sakr18,   Ravvy/Arine20, Shazam77014, Mako Mako 

US-O2 insignia.svg Lieutenant US-O2 insignia.svg

Buggins WillHulk Hogan23, Bullet/Lolliepop117,  Rocky24568 

Warrant Officer

Super Chanel, Haru RM, Trey

Army-USA-OR-09c.svgSergeant Major Army-USA-OR-09c.svg

Metro11, stonecold 42, 

First Sergeant

Diezlbudoy, Finland Wins, Lafonpie, Ironslime12, Powerdue3

Master Sergeant

Mickey/Michalay, Cam Newton74

Army-USA-OR-07.svg Sergeant First Class Army-USA-OR-07.svg 

TheInfinitiv, Jimmy Square

Army-USA-OR-06.svg Staff Sergeant Army-USA-OR-06.svg

Bcguy33, Chuck Falay,

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Sergeant Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Ryakylkri, ACP (Clover) SPC, Peeps80,  Yes01, Starbits/Xiaobao123, Squink, Atina123, No No Junior

Army-USA-OR-04a.svg Corporal Army-USA-OR-04a.svg

 Vale898, Abbigail3000, Leddyeddy13, spartan,  Craft Home, Rarity180

Private First Class



bigbome1, Moose Man,Yes01,renzcel2003, Blaine, Kenneth1000, Sirchubs, Robert Hargrove, spycatdog, Luke1212, Chipsndip1, monkeydale,Princess4321  Owen60128, popastefanut, Garfield143, Xxsansxx,

Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Army-USA-OR-02.svg

 arvm, Marley, Supper Shady,Matthyou, Kenz112,dillpickler, fruitjuice18, Pengoalas, kellster124, TigerLilly3,  Jamesy87,jdake1, EleniMarsh,Veevee1235,Ruby1354, Thesplat,  Tommybowe123, popastefanut,mal4o2 dashoodash

15 Responses

  1. Congratulations to everyone who got a promotion.

  2. Thanks!

  3. So does this list tell us our new rank, or just let us know we have been promoted.

  4. Thanks for promoting me to sergeant!

  5. I am supposed to be a Colonel

  6. do we get promotion when we go to the events.

    • If it’s a big event, sometimes. Promotions are usually at the end of every month. However, if you are seen demonstrating exceptional effort and loyalty, then you may be rewarded one.

  7. omg omg omg no promo wtf

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