[AUS] Unscheduled Recruiting Event / Raided?


Our AUS logged on for a recruiting event, maxing 23 and averaging 21 throughout. We were also seemingly raided by a small rag-tag group of white penguins who threatened bot usage in a few of our Owners PC, this will not be tolerated – We are ACP fearless ad strong




Max 23

(Sorry guys for the lack of pictures, my pc crashed and these were the only ones I could retrieve)

6 Responses

  1. I came, good event AUSIA/UK/US. Good job recruiting, tactics were ok. GO ACP!!!

  2. LOOKIN’ NICE AUSIA! I’m just sorry I wasn’t dere! 😀 …. btw CSY where da frick you been man

  3. I attended

  4. here is a pic of ET http://prnt.sc/a8l655
    camezies at the end btw!


  6. Gj ACP though! 😀

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