Marina appointed Temp Leader – Invasion of Mammoth

Hello!! I’m not sure if any of you knew this yet or not but I’m Marina! I used to help out frequently way back when but I recently got my internet back on so YAY me lol <3. You guys are all amazing and I hope that I can some how shine some of my magic onto you all as well :mrgreen:

After huge issues springing up from bam this past week, I’ve taken the innotiative to appoint myself Leader in his place [this will only be temporary] I’ll try to help out as much as I this next week and really get things rolling again! 

I believe the majority of this stress is because of certain people around this community and a intense amount of ignorance that has contiously slapped him around in his hour of need! But thats okay I’m sure he’ll be able to find peace and get better – but in the mean time we shall recapture the glorious Server of Mammoth from all opposing forces!


FRIDAY- March 4th

8:30PM EST

7:30PM CST

6:30PM MST

5:30PM PST

**** If anyone assists any army besides ACP during the battle for Mammoth they will be permanently banished and deranked ****

Good luck to all armies! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK



5 Responses

  1. Im seriously confused rn cause I always thought Marina and Bam were the same person. Was this a joke or is Marina actually a separate being? AHHH

  2. Marina is a real person?

  3. Wait Marina isn’t Bam? Wow!

  4. Wait so Marina is an actual person?

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