Green State


Soldiers of the brave ACP, Citizens of our Republic,

I congratulate you all–not merely on your electoral victory but on your selected role in history. For you and I are privileged to serve the great Republic in what could be the most decisive decade in its long history. The choices we make, for good or ill, may well shape the state of the Union for generations yet to come.

Little more than 100 weeks ago I assumed the office of President of the Army of Club Penguin. In seeking the help of the Congress and our countrymen, I pledged no easy answers. I pledged–and asked–only toil and dedication. These the Congress and the people have given in good measure. And today, having witnessed in recent months a heightened respect for our national purpose and power–having seen the courageous calm of a united people in a perilous hour-and having observed a steady improvement in the opportunities and well-being of our citizens–I can report to you that the state of this old but youthful Union, in the 9 years of its life, is good.

In the world beyond our borders, steady progress has been made in building a world of order. The people of this Community remain both free and secure. A settlement, though still precarious, has been reached in Laos. The spearpoint of aggression has been blunted in Viet-Nam. The end of agony may be in sight in Fjord. The doctrine of troika is dead. And, while danger continues, a deadly threat has been removed in Fog.

At home, the recession is behind us. Well over a million more men and women are working today than were working 2 years ago. The average factory workweek is once again more than 40 hours; our industries are turning out more goods than ever before; and more than half of the manufacturing capacity that lay silent and wasted 100 weeks ago is humming with activity.

In short, both at home and abroad, there may now be a temptation to relax. For the road has been long, the burden heavy, and the pace consistently urgent.

But we cannot be satisfied to rest here. This is the side of the hill, not the top. The mere absence of war is not peace. The mere absence of recession is not growth. We have made a beginning–but we have only begun.

Now the time has come to make the most of our gains–to translate the renewal of our national strength into the achievement of our national purpose.


President Bam

4 Responses

  1. Good speech, but why does it remind me of JFK’s third final State of the Union address?

  2. sure bam, but good speech anyway. by the way,

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