[US] Battle on Flurry

Good day ACP,

Today we had a quick yet solid event on the server Flurry, (and on a Monday, no less) our chat size reached its zenith at 45, and we averaged 35 on Club Penguin. Truly a splendid way to start the week, and hopefully we shall see events maxing 40s!

Read on for the pictures.

A perfect J tactic!

A well executed 1 tactic.

A solid E+M tactic.

A well executed H tactic.

A solid E+2 tactic.

Overall, this was a really good event, well done troops! Tactics can see some use, but seeing how quickly this event was done (we logged on with an immediate 20 online), this was a solid event with great sizes! I hope to see more events faring this well.

~Tamiyami, ACP 4ic

2 Responses

  1. Tactics were not great, but chat size was great and so was CP size. Also, good post Tami. Go ACP!

  2. Great post!

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