UK Training [thursday]

Apparently no one posted this UK Event [Snow notified me] apparently they thought the size was too weak or something – but Snow was able to give me 2 pictures of the results – Nice job UK! Don’t be afraid if its not the VERY BEST ! You guys did great

AVG: 16


Nice job UK! I’ll try to help out whenever I can next time!

PB vs Red Hippos/Reds

We had a quick training then practice battle with some new forming army called reds/or red hippos (not exactly sure on the name) We got 20+ the whole time and perfect tactics – the “reds” put up a good fight!¬†

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[AUS] Unscheduled Recruiting Session

Hey ACP,

We logged on for an AUS. Pretty short notice, but lets do better next week.

Max: 23

Average: 20


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