Nachos you are being lied to completely, not only did your newly returned leader Kevin provoke this war – he personally provoked me to take action. I tried my best to hold back in hopes some of our old ties could be saved – but perhaps I was wrong. I was surely wrong about Dan101 who is just any nachos leaders lapdog :mrgreen:

I was also wrong when I told kevin Nachos maxed 10, in fact they max 8 according to their recent invasion [LOL] 😉

By the way Nachos – Kevin doesn’t care about Nachos in the least – Hes only returning for this  week [Hence the “little while” in his return speech]

Anyways prepare to be crushed by all our divisions while you max 7 and continuously talk trash.  :mrgreen:

Remember when Nachos weren’t ran by 3rd rate army hoppers? Bam117 remembers..

Anyways good luck Nachos, You’ll do great maxing 20 at the tournament then maxing 7 the following day!

Flexes Muscles

~ Bam117

Also you aren’t in the position to decide if the Power League gets involved or not. [If you’d call Nachos being in SMAC a position at all of course]

Invasion Results

Hello! After word spread that the nachos double crossed their own words – their failure leader dan [who has lead Nachos into the amazing spot of 2nd in SMAC] claimed he was going to KILL ACP? Well too bad Nachos only maxed 8 at their “Invasion” LOL

Anyways we invaded FJORD from the nachodes – Event successful –

Size Max: 25



—More Pictures TBA—

~ Bam117

Special thanks to Snow for the pictures ❤

War with Nachos

The war with Nachos is back on. I will not accept any less than a win at every battle. Everybody has to focus and be prepared. Show the Nachos who’s the best army. We’ve been preparing for this for a long while now, we will come out victorious after every battle. Everybody needs to be doing their fair share to make sure the army comes out with the win. I can’t attend every event because I’m busy, I need everybody to be at AUSIA, UK, and USA.

This is where you show your loyalty and strength

Let’s do it ACP

Clover Power


Bring it on, kid.


ACP Leader