War with Nachos

The war with Nachos is back on. I will not accept any less than a win at every battle. Everybody has to focus and be prepared. Show the Nachos who’s the best army. We’ve been preparing for this for a long while now, we will come out victorious after every battle. Everybody needs to be doing their fair share to make sure the army comes out with the win. I can’t attend every event because I’m busy, I need everybody to be at AUSIA, UK, and USA.

This is where you show your loyalty and strength

Let’s do it ACP

Clover Power


Bring it on, kid.


ACP Leader

2 Responses

  1. No offense to the Nachos, you were a giant that could rival armies like ACP and UMA in the old days, but at the moment you are not a power that can rival ACP. This war is pointless; if it were a simple matter of one leader insulting another, why not deal strictly with the persons involved instead of fighting an entire army? It’s a certain loss for the Nachos here.

  2. yeah, I agree with Tami. But, I guess battles help event sizes, so it isn’t pointless. Anyway, I will be there, and will hopefully be able to make every US, and a few UK events on the weekend. Good luck to both sides, but GO ACP!

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