Cleansing Breeze

We cleansed Breeze on in honor of ST Patricks day! We got around 30 the entire time and spot on tactics :mrgreen: Nice job guys and good job to the folks that lead [and thanks once again Ms snow for your amazing pictures ;)]

Nice job\

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“Play Fair” ~ Dan101

Dan private messaged me last night saying that ACP WASN’T PLAYING FAIR?


Basically he claimed I trashed the “Invasions post” then redrafted it hours before we invaded Fjord.

But I don’t think he understands how word press works…

Basically what the revisions are saying is that no matter what revisions or “edits” I go to, they were all made and posted 4 DAYS AGO

Stop making up poor excuses, how about you focus on your events more – then maybe you wouldn’t be maxing 7

Stop making excuses, you’re already starting to make this war boring

~ Bam117