Invasion of Sleet [VICTORY] {USA}

Hey ACP! Today we invaded one of the Nachos main servers, Sleet, we had 3x their size at one point and it was overall a great event. Of course the Nachos pulled the “Lets spam snowballs and mess up tactics xd” But it didn’t stop us from taking the win! Maxed 26 averaged 25.

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[AUSIA] March Madness Tactic Session

Hey ACP! We had a training for the March Madness a few days ago, posting it late because I forgot to post it before. We maxed 20 and averaged 15. Good job guys! Sorry for the lack of pictures, nobody took pictures and I only took one.



ACP Leader

March Madness Tournament Results (Victory)

Greetings, ACP. Today, we advanced to the next round of March Madness as UMA didn’t show; we’re getting even closer to winning the March Madness! We maxed around 35 with strong tactics. Carry on reading for pictures provided by I and Bam.

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