Green State

Hello after several concerns, as you may have noticed I’ve been a bit inactive as of recently [due to schooling and timing of course / career planning] Even though i specifically told the ownership to make their OWN invasions and not let nachos take the complete offensive approach – they were stupid enough to directly ignore my orders.

Perhaps they did it by accident or maybe even on purpose in some way to defame the current leadership or something of the sort – but i assure you I’ll be hard charging the invasions now.

I try my best to be as decent as possible against other armies but the Nachos have terrible reasoning behind this war and are solely running off the hype of several people returning [which wont last long as some of them are only coming back for a week lol]

If you don’t know already for about the 3rd time the Nachos have completely cried their way back into a tournament. Yes CRIED, as in completely calling BS – denying all outcomes and begging for a re entrance to the tournament. [Good job Sore Losers]

But good luck to them! I’m sure they’ll need it when they call back the “legends” to help them LOL.


Kevin looks funny as hell, but not as funny as his mother LOL