Message from the President


Loyal soldiers and troops of the Army of Club Penguin, The inferior and biased that is the “Nachos Army” is essentially a failed creation of our opposites. while they now boast about inflated sizes and spam invasions of holidays, they at the same time beg for no one to intrude on this war – while at the same time as that they transfer servers and deploy “SS Armies” [figurative side armies lead by other Nachos in order to “get past” the No allies bs they spew]

Some of you are doubting me, Some of you are attempting to make ACP doubt myself and my rule. You owners that have fallen so low to try to damage you’re own Leader during a war won’t be forgiven. You all make it increasing difficult to praise to the higher power when all you and the POG do is try to bring me down. I bathed in the blood of many armies and have always done what I thought was best for ACP.

Those who conspire against me will not succeed, you will – as you always have fail. This tournament is not important, neither is this war – Whats important is keeping ACP unified under a smart ruler with great charisma and a sense of war.

I’m tired of the P.O.G. [Panel of Guardians] Interfering in the things I say and the things I do, You do not know exactly whats best for ACP. You aren’t around to see the day by day activities let alone know how the community is now. We have changed you have stayed the same, So with all due respect excuse yourself from our Activities.

This is a Message from the President of the Army of Club Penguin, Yes that is correct while their maybe another leader or two – I do not believe I ever gave up the position as President of the DRACP.

The same nachos who cry that I am evil are the same nachos that are taunting ACP with slur words releasing private information and constantly trash talking the good name of ACP. Take it as it is – But we as an Army will succeed.

Do not give in.

Do not give up.

Don’t beg for the assistance of others.

We are better than that.

Unlike some armies.

The Media will lie and they will try to uproar this as much as they can. They want the views. the hits, the publicity, they want the attention. We are far greater than their wise words of decisions and aggressive instigation. Trader’s invasion post will be released soon – You’re President assures you our victory will be swift.

God will assist us in these great battles and insure our overall victory – even if it takes months I assure you this war won’t end


President Bam

2 Responses

  1. I’ve never stopped believing in you Bam. The war is not over yet.

  2. your* 😉

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