Nachos Cheating

The Nachos Army has recently been trying to set up ACP. 3 penguins who were unable to be identified were found at an ACP event. We figured out that the Nachos are trying to set us up for “Multilogging” Fluffy (Nachos Leader) was setting up nulls on ACP Chat and making fake accounts to log on ACP events. The reasons for this could be obvious. He could later say he “Found” the password to the 3 penguins he used at events and try to get ACP in trouble. We aren’t stupid. Good try.

I want to warn other armies to make sure you know who is logging on for events. We could of obviously just taken the extra size, but that’s still cheating. ACP don’t cheat.


ACP Leader

2 Responses

  1. Good post Trader, it reassures my confidence in the ACP and our strict policies against cheating.

  2. desparate

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