Happy Easter! [Update]



ACP leader – Trader spotted

Spend time with you’re family… 


No events or battles today [that would be messed up]

Anyways make sure to enjoy yourself!

Also a quick update :

We are currently spaonsored with CPPS.me so make sure you are respectful as possible to our newly formed partner and all those who attempt to trash talk can and will lose rank / be banned.

~ Bam117


Club Penguin Coin Codes – 2016 March

Club Penguin has released some new free Club Penguin Codes for the month of March 2016. These codes unlock a total of 2,000 free coins:

ESCALERA — 500 coins
ESFERAS7 — 500 coins
REYRARA1 — 500 coins
MENSAJE1 — 500 coins

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Trader ACP Leader

Training on Breeze

Hey ACP! Today we had a March on Breeze, we maxed 140+. Nobody took pictures, but it was great. Good job! Keep it up.

Clover power


ACP Leader

Invasion of Walrus

Hey ACP! Today we had an event, this is the first event we’ve had since bringing mchappy into the leadership. Welcome Mchappy. We maxed 21 gg


Invasion of North Pole

Hey! Today we logged on for the Invasion of North Pole! We maxed 18 and averaged 16.




ACP Leader

Nachos Cheating

The Nachos Army has recently been trying to set up ACP. 3 penguins who were unable to be identified were found at an ACP event. We figured out that the Nachos are trying to set us up for “Multilogging” Fluffy (Nachos Leader) was setting up nulls on ACP Chat and making fake accounts to log on ACP events. The reasons for this could be obvious. He could later say he “Found” the password to the 3 penguins he used at events and try to get ACP in trouble. We aren’t stupid. Good try.

I want to warn other armies to make sure you know who is logging on for events. We could of obviously just taken the extra size, but that’s still cheating. ACP don’t cheat.


ACP Leader

Invasion of Beanbag Success.

Hey ACP! Today we logged on Beanbag for invasion against the Nachos. We maxed 12 and averaged 12.

Tournament Battle vs AR

Greetings, ACP. Today, we battled against AR in the final four of the tournament, unfortunately we  lost however we maxed around thirty. I didn’t get many pictures so if you’ve a picture please PC me or get an owner to add it on. Continue reading


[AUS] Unscheduled Training Event

Hey ACP,

We logged on to Outback for a quick unsched training event.

Max: 17

Average: 16

Continue reading