Killing Nachos.


I’m Slider568, and I’m your new 3ic. I’ve got more experience than the Nachos have lost servers and we’re going to keep whipping the god damn sh- out of them until we’ve won this war for good. Once we’re done, there won’t be a Nachos army of club penguin.

Expect posts from myself everyday, expect giveaways, expect temp chat rank rewards. If theres one person I’d want to impress if I was a member, it’d be me. If you’re active, if you’re a good soldier, I will have you promoted or die trying.

We’re going to flip this site around and give it an active spin and interesting content, I want you to want to check the site everyday, not have to. and we’re going to make ACP the kind of place you’d take your girlfriend on a hot date before you seal the deal at, but a place you’d take your grandma too, because she’s god damn hip with the kids.

My first task is ACPTR, and I’d love to have all of you in it. As a Drill Team Leader, a volunteer, or even a cadet. We’re working on getting an older site right now. Mid April the hiring for all staff will begin, training will commence after, ACPTR will open May 1st for cadets.

Find me on ACP chat, I’m always around at night, and I’d love to talk, meet you, and talk about any concerns or ideas you might have for ACP.

Lets get swinging.


4 Responses

  1. oh man, slider is back – now the nachos are REALLY in trouble. welcome back man

  2. Glad you got promoted Slider, you deserve it! By the way, awesome post, really motivational!

  3. okokokok not trine get myself banned but wats the war score

  4. I’m pretty sure were wining by 20 battles or something like that and u don’t show up to any invasions

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