UK Invasion of Walrus (Victory)

Greetings, ACP. Today, the UK force logged onto Walrus where we maxed fifteen due to the recruiting efforts of Dj, Tamiyami, Gamer and John. We came out victorious as Nachos didn’t show up at all ; good job guys! Carry on reading for pictures provided by I and Tamiyami. Average: 20

7th april uk

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AUSIA Tactic Session

Hai ACP, Purp here! Today, we did an unscheduled AUSIA tactic session with about 2 hours notice and it was successful! ¬†Our tactics were performed fairly well, just need to work on word tactics. Make sure you keep typing in the phrase for the word tactic until all of us are doing it, and there’s a perfect word tactic!

Anyway, we maxed and averaged around 15 for most of the event, we spent a bit of time in the town however it was too laggy for us. Good job to all the troops who came, the first leaves of the growing AUSIA tree and I hope to see more successful events. Read more for our pics…

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