WV lose @Chip

Apparently chip just made a post claiming “WV won the war against ACP” After Nachos just got completely overran and surrendered almost 90 percent of their nation to NW? After Water Vikings literally had 2 invasions and 1 raid? LOL

Water Vikings haven’t done anything to even make a dent in our nation, whats even worse is the hypocritical verses that chip keeps spewing- he keeps trying to say ACP is hella multi-logging but yet WV is the one with 6 on chat then randomly MAXING 40 ON CHAT? LOL Water vikings were dead less than a week ago then change came around with his multi-nulls.

Just because you beg people to come to you’re chat during an event doesn’t mean you should be getting 25+. Don’t make me match you’re nulls with your Main ID’s lol or perhaps i should mention all the mysterious penguins that have seemingly reappeared at Water Vikings events?.

Water vikings couldn’t even handle a full war so they had 2 invasions and called it quits LOL. Bite me chip, Water Vikings are trash and you’ll see it once change retires again. Wonder why they only had a few events ? It’s because their beloved leader Change and loyal hypocritical multilogger Chip couldn’t attend !!!

~ Bam117

2 Responses

  1. Chip is such a little loser. He WHINES about multi logging like a 5 year old when HIS army multi logs.

  2. ^ @Sparky

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