RIP Boomer

I shall finish off the rest of the Panel of Guardians. This is only the beginning. 1 down. 4 to go.

After I am done, I go for the creator.


Lord Trader of the Army of Club Penguin watching Boomer 20’s face plant into the cold snow.

UK Unscheduled U-Lead and Sled racing Tournament

Greetings, ACP. Today, UK logged on for a unscheduled training which ended up in a U-Lead where we maxed 24. Afterwards, we had a sled racing tournament. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Question of the Day Season 2

Once upon a time, the great and all powerful Bjkb1/Djkb1 had established a series of posts, 20 to be exact, to change the course of ACP forever, the height of this, amassing a total of 185 comments throughout 20 posts(that’s 9.25 per post!) but had sadly ended, due to some complications with the great creator. *cough* I quit *cough* But now, I am back! In the prestigious position of 3ic, and able to make posts now, what better way to get people checking the site then to revive a cringey series? This is now the start of great things. So 10 months ago, I asked you, “Who is your man crush?” These are my favorite answers: Continue reading