Question of the Day Season 2

Once upon a time, the great and all powerful Bjkb1/Djkb1 had established a series of posts, 20 to be exact, to change the course of ACP forever, the height of this, amassing a total of 185 comments throughout 20 posts(that’s 9.25 per post!) but had sadly ended, due to some complications with the great creator. *cough* I quit *cough* But now, I am back! In the prestigious position of 3ic, and able to make posts now, what better way to get people checking the site then to revive a cringey series? This is now the start of great things. So 10 months ago, I asked you, “Who is your man crush?” These are my favorite answers:

The current question of the day is:

Describe the internet in 10 words or under.

Thanks for reading and lets aim for 7+ comments. If we do, I’ll be able to eat this time.

10 Responses

  1. Tragic

  2. Great but cringey and sometimes cancerous

  3. Ruined my life.

  4. depression and addiction


  5. Deez Nuts

  6. CPAC ruins it by being bias

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